1. Cyberspace.



    Is Tabland still active?

    Sorry, I’m only seeing this now. :)

    Tabland is dying, if not dead, in terms of activity. It hasn’t done anything in quite some time, and that includes communicative labour. I like to believe I keep the spirit alive in my own mind though. I do renew the site subscription every year and celebrate our two national holidays when they come round.

    Breathing new life into it is something I’ve prepared for for some time now. I’m learning code principally to create a space for our diaspora to meet and interact. I’m also gather ever more and more knowledge on political philosophy and human nature, as it was these two things that caused me to suspend our old constitution for something better. However, there is no rush for micro-national leaders as the often don’t have angry constitutes. :P

    How is Leylandiistan doing, if I might ask?


  2. Three things: Coke’s new ad is hypocritical. Be weary of where you get your ideas. Why so serious?

  3. geekpinata:

    Garrus gettin some pizza. 

    Garrus readin about archeology to help Liara.


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  4. The Jew-ish Atheist. turned 3 today!

    Yay. Still hasn’t learned to walk though, so I’m worried. :(

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  5. statehate:




    She looks dumb as hell

    it’s more embarrassing that they’re still together


    she should be embarrassed

    Dunno, they look happy to me. Maybe beyond the camera, they had a traumatic reunion that was all teary and stuff but now that they are past it, they are ready to move on.

    Or heck, maybe they ain’t too bothered by the labels and how they ought respond because life’s too short.

    OR! Maybe she was the one he cheated with. Kinda does look a little awkward. :P


  6. Cyberspace.

    I’m doing an online course of public privacy and the internet. You know, one of those courses where the motivation has to be interest because they aren’t properly integrated into academic assessment yet. Still, I wouldn’t reject them out of hand; they are essentially free information coordination services with built in community. Anyway, they asked for a definition of cyberspace based on this video and as I care far too much about my own ideas, I’m reposting my response here as proof of copyright! Yay!

    You kinda need to watch the video for it to make sense but signing up is free and while you are there you can always vote my answer up, so yeah… :P

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  7. The Art of Manliness website done a project in ‘09 that invited its readers to work, each day of June, on a task aimed at making them better men. Admittedly, I’m a little late. However, I’ve decided to mirror this project. Hopefully, in a month, I’ll be a better man for it.

    If you want to be involved, send me a DM. Having someone to hold you accountable and discuss each task not only increase success rates, but makes for a more enjoyable experience over all. :)

  8. For Kika-Zaru.

    In brief, stealth games have more in common with puzzle games than action games. This is why the constant mixing of the genre’s hasn’t had as much success as one would think. It is also why I thought the MGS series got less and less engaging as a stealth game.


  9. I just incinerated my pizza via negligence. Curse you tumblr!


  10. It be nice if we were all a little nicer. Read this article to figure out how. Even if you don’t intend on being nice, knowing how will make it easier to avoid accidentally being nice, so read it regardless. It is somewhat novice-intermediate level niceness though, so if you are Mormon or Buddhist, I’m sure you can skip it. For the rest of us, it should elucidate some faux pas we overlooked. For similar reading, try cracked’s article on avoiding hate.

    This was a niceness reminder by your nice friend

    Shane Geoghegan

  11. sonic-hip-attack:

    I was nervous and then betterthanexpected.gif

    Na, knew he’d deliver. :P

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  12. baikailing:

    the person i reblogged this from tagged it with this beautiful line:

    #and then green ranger rises from the sea shouting CHECK YOUR FUCKING PRIVILEGE

    i cackled for a bit i must confess.

  13. Marge Simpson is a Type Nine on the Enneagram. Concluding one is full of rage is humorous because rage is something you feel, not deduce. Yet for a nine at average to unhealthy levels, relying on reason to deduce that you are angry is often the only means to know as numbing prevents it surfacing. Intentional? I don’t know. Humorous on more than one level? Yes. 

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